About the X-Reality Interest Group

Extended Reality (XR) refers to combined real and virtual environments. XR systems are immersive technologies that bring physical objects into digital environments and take digital objects into physical reality. XR includes software and hardware used to create virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR), and spatial computing. The X-Reality Initiative at the University of Miami helps with access to use this emerging technology, so we can integrate it seamlessly into everyone's daily life.

Our Mission

In response to the emergent fields of spatial computing and immersive environments, the University of Miami committed significant resources to develop innovative, impactful research and applications in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality by establishing collaborations with industry partners and academia. The XR Initiative is founded on the premise that immersive environments will be the next pervasive platforms for communication, education, healthcare, and work. It eventually will evolve into non-intrusive interfaces and seamlessly blend the real world with digital information. XR technologies will have vast implications across society being especially impactful in education and health care.    

We seek to nurture a community of UM students, academia, and industry to increase public awareness of XR systems and provide resources, training, and interdisciplinary collaborations, as well as promote dialogue about the ethics, impact, and implications of immersive computing.