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UMverse is changing the way we teach, collaborate, and research. This technological paradigm shift is putting the U at the forefront of innovation in the field of immersive media.

2024 Projects


Mangrove City

Mangrove City is an immersive VR application, complemented by a robust STEM classroom curriculum, that transports middle school students into the heart of mangrove forests. 

(305) 360°

(305) 360° is a cutting-edge VR application designed to familiarize and immerse new doctors and researchers with the service area of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami.

VR Stress Tester

The VR Stress Tester is designed to analyze how people respond under stress. It involves participants being immersed in various challenging scenarios within a virtual environment. During this process, researchers can alter elements of the scenario and simultaneously track the participants' biometric data, such as heart rate and stress levels, in real-time.

Temikki Garden

Temikki Garden is a mobile AR application to promote the emotional well-being of children during long hospital stays. Children can build, modify, and play in a living virtual garden while reminded of their accomplishments.

Virtual Reality Learning Initiative

The Virtual Reality Learning Initiative (VRLI) is a University-wide initiative where professors across various disciplines use VR, and in some instances, AR, to enhance the learning experience. Ongoing research measures the impact on learning and evaluates the efficacy of these programs. As the initiative evolves, we will continue to expand the areas and list of classes where experiential learning through VR and AR technologies is utilized. With over 40 courses using XR, reaching nearly 1,000 students to date, we continue to grow and are moving toward a tipping point where immersive technologies become the norm as an educational practice.

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About VESL

University of Miami Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The Virtual Experiences Simulation Lab (VESL) is central to our UMVerse initiatives, serving a dual role by offering students interdisciplinary, hands-on learning opportunities and supplying researchers with software development resources across the campus. The VESL is an innovation and experiential learning lab for immersive media projects supporting student innovation and engagement in applied research and real-world projects while fostering an inclusive, interdisciplinary community. 

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