Feeling Antiquity
Feeling Antiquity 2
Feeling Antiquity 3
At its core, this project aims to connect the user to the not-so-distant past through an experience that is both virtual and physical at the same time. Using both a virtual reality headset and a 3D printed replica of an artifact from the Lowe Art Museum’s antiquity collection, users will be able to not only see the past by stepping into a digital recreation of a Greek home, but feel it as well through their physical connection to the artifact. 

This mixed reality experience emerged from the need to add a sense of touch to places where there is none. As human beings, our need to reach out and feel something is what grounds us in reality. In virtual reality, the evident lack of touch is what makes an experience surreal; in museums, the distance between us and the objects on display is what makes the past feel so removed. By adding that important sense of touch into experiencing the past, I am hoping to break that wall that separates us from history

Lorena Lopez, Developer
Piper Conway, Photogrammetry and Research
Brittany Charlotte Csik, Photogrammetry and Research
Marlene Gonzalez, Photogrammetry and Research
Kristen Rockwell, Photogrammetry and Research
Mikel Juan, Photogrammetry and Research