South Florida Mixed Reality Field Trips



Many UM academic divisions run local field trips, which we define as a collection of sites related by a common theme combined with supplementary educational material (maps, photographs, descriptions, samples, slides etc..) Our objective was to explore ways that mixed reality, in general, and the Magic Leap headsets, in particular, could be used to enhance these field trips. We envision a framework into which any UM department/individual could place content for their own instructional needs, building up a large library of sites across the South Florida region over time in the process.

Art Gleason: Concept, Project Lead, 3D Model Creation
Sam Purkis: Geoscience Content
Fritz Hanselmann: Archaeology Content
Chris Mader, Amin Sarafrz, IDSC, and Douglas Fajardo, Tiffen Baker Xinneal Digital: Magic Leap programming