Mixed Reality to Teach Employment Skills for Individuals With ASD

Mixed Reality to Tech Employment Skills for Individuals With ASD

Recent studies approximate that 1 in 59 children (over 23.8 million globally) is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Individuals with ASD have difficulties in social interaction and communication and display patterns of restrictive or repetitive behavior. Although a significant amount of attention is given to early intervention for young children, many adolescents and adults with ASD continue to need support beyond school-age years. A group that is in particular need of support are individuals with ASD who are considered “high-functioning” and who would be able to work and live more independently with the correct supports. According to a recent study that surveyed adults with ASD, only 47% held paid employment and of those 72% only worked part-time and wanted more hours (Gotham et al., 2015).

Hammam Alsafrjalani: Primary Investigator
Kim Grinfeder: Primary Investigator
Anibal Gutierrez: Primary Investigator
Yanerys Leon: Primary Investigator
Manouj Govindaraju : Developer