Interactive Image-Guided Neurosurgical Training & Surgical Procedures

mixed-reality system for interactive image-guided neurosurgical training and surgical procedures

Project Proposal: Image-guided surgical procedures are highly technical in nature and require constant careful attention on the surgeon's part. We focus on building a system that integrates the current surgical navigation system (and associated surgical tools), registers locations of the surgical tools in relation to the surgical site, and provides visual feedback to the surgeon accordingly. This system will allow useful real-time integration to account for brain and bone shift as well as the incorporation of 3D digital pathology and 3D blood vessel flood dynamics. The system will be interactive as well as allow co-surgeons, residents, and other medical professionals to also visualize the surgeon's experience during the procedure allowing for improved education and interaction during surgery as well as most informed decisions for the surgeon during the procedure.

Michael Ivan: Primary Investigator
Timur Urakov: Primary Investigator
Max Cacchione: Innovate Team
Lenny Martinez: Innovate Team
Andrew Gonzalez: Innovate Team
Brandon Torres: Innovate Team
Manish Garg: Innovate Team
Aditya Bulusu: Innovate Team
Tiana Torkan: Innovate Team
Carolina Fernandez: Innovate Team