"Escape OR" for Teaching in Anesthesia

This project seeks to develop a mixed reality simulation “Escape Operating Room” for anesthesia equipment set up for nurse anesthesia students who have not been in the clinical environment and are not familiar with such equipment.

A guided tour, taking the patient through a step by step process of surgery day with 4 main environments which include intractable “Hotspots”.



Experiencing Historic Architecture

The church of Nuestra Señora de la Merced in the Miami neighborhood of Allapattah is a structure that has been renovated and decorated to resemble a historic Spanish Colonial church.

This project created a Magic Leap app that can enable undergraduate engineering students to visualize the forces acting on structural beams subjected to real forces. 

Many UM academic divisions run local field trips, which we define as a collection of sites related by a common theme combined with supplementary educational material (maps, photographs, descriptions, samples, slides, etc..)


Tech Employment Skills for Individuals With ASD

Recent studies approximate that 1 in 59 children (over 23.8 million globally) is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


Neurosurgical Training & Surgical Procedures

Image-guided surgical procedures are highly technical in nature and require constant careful attention on the surgeon's part.

Volumetric Radiologic Data Viewer

Create a volumetric radiologic data viewer on an MR platform to view and interpret radiology images for the purposes of education, clinical decision making, and procedures.

Airway Fire

Airway Fire

The occurrence of a fire when implementing anesthesia is a high-risk, low-frequency event. The operating room is a high-stakes environment that has no room for error. 


Climate Change Pinball

Climate Change Pinball is a volumetric mixed reality game on climate adaptation and resilience.

There exists the need to train staff and personnel to assure a proper response in cases of emergency evacuation namely, in cases where real-life simulations result impractical and/or costly (such is the case of smoke simulations).



Magnification & Rd Mapping, Image Guided Procedures

The goal of this project is to develop a Magic Leap application to perform road mapping and digital zooming of angiography images that registers and overlays on top of the live fluoroscopy images during angiography.


Manage Child Tantrums Using MR

We designed an MR simulation in which adults learn and practice behavior management strategies with a child avatar.

Aortic Aneurysm Diagnosis Results

This project was to develop a magic leap application to visualize aortic aneurysm diagnosis results: geometry and stress.



Tag-AR is a spatial social news aggregation, created, maintained, and edited by the University of Miami community.


Machines of Loving Grace

Machines of Loving Grace 1 (MOLG-1) is the first of an interactive time-based (4D) mixed reality (driven by biometrics) art experience intended for the general public and part of a larger interactive installation.


Voices of Mariel

We propose using Magic Leap to create an AR experience that will allow visitors to interact with exhibitions through visual and auditory experiences.

Intuitive Interface for Human-Robot Interaction

The specific case study is robot caretakers for the elderly, but there will be many others.


Tiling the Magicverse

The rapid display of large and complex 3D datasets is a recognized problem in the visualization of geospatial data and 3D digital mapping.


University of Miami Innovate team, in collaboration with the University of Miami, the Uniloader web application that will be accessible to any member of the university, faculty, students and staff.


XR Circuits

XR Circuits allows for circuits to be built and visualized easily with the help of an image target.


Porch Exhibit

The Porch Exhibit project creates an easy to use template that allows architecture students to create augmented reality experiences without needing in-depth technical background knowledge.


Medical Visualization

Medical Visualization is software that detects body organs and systems on wearable devices.
5g Xr

5G XR Image Recognition

Image Recognition with Magic Leap using 5G capabilities for improved performance.


Canes Central Visual Trainer

A Magic Leap XR app that guide faculty, staff, and students to familiarize themselves with the new building.


ARchitech is a Magic Leap app that allows you to create floor plans of your home and receive home furniture purchase recommendations from sales partners.

XR Zoning Vizualizer

AR City

A cutting edge application that will be able to translate the GIS zoning data for the City of Miami Zoning Code into an on-site XR environment.


Vector in Space Module 3

Vectors in Space is a Magic Leap app designed for students to understand how vectors are represented in 3D space.


Mixed Reality Bio Mechanist

Mixed Reality Bio mechanist is an app that allows you to visualize a person's kinematics as a dynamic overlay.